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Stefanie Calkins Wolfe

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Official Scaredy Cat Travel Member

Took my first flight when I was a freshman in college…1990.  The two flights following, didn't go so well - 1.) emergency landing from Detroit to Indianapolis because the plane couldn't pressurize and smoke in the luggage compartment; 2.) another, a plane taxied in front of us while landing, causing the pilot to jerk that baby up 45 degrees (or so it seemed) - resulting in a panic attack on my part.

So I took a 12 year sabatical from flying!  Anywhere I went, I drove. DIdn't want to find out if the 3rd flight had any surprises!

2004 I was forced to fly for work…or lose my job.  That's when I was introduced to Xanax. ;-)  From that point on, flying rituals began. Don't talk about the details of the flight; don't want to know the flight number; have to have an isle seat and have a wingman to fly with. Never solo.  With every flight, I'd pop my Xanax 15 minutes before boarding with a swig of a cold beverage to wash it down.  After landing, first stop was at the nearest airport Starbucks to get that pop of caffeine I then needed to bounce back.

The reason I decided to do a label around this story…my wingman said when I take Xanax, whatever I talked about on the flight, I'd repeat the same stories after landing.  So the label was created because I have a tendency to forget things after my flight…including my carry-on! The cat represents me and how I feel about flying. MI is where I'm from, W is for The West, where I love to travel to.  Felt yellow and black was appropriate to represent my fear. ;-)






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