Office with Birds

Office with Birds - student project

I started by sketching out a lot of different ideas for "quiet" and "loud." I wanted to do them both originally, but every idea I had was too angsty to pull off. So I ended up free associating words.

"Loud" reminded me of birds and offices, and I ended up drawing birds as office workers, specifically a crow and a Greater Bird of Paradise (seriously, listen to these guys!)

Office with Birds - image 1 - student project

I can't decide if the poor worker (me) in the middle should be looking sad or if she should be wearing headphones and looking happy. What do you think? I think the subject would be about both "loud" and "quiet" in that case!

Updateroo! We now have vectors!

Office with Birds - image 2 - student project

I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this. I definitely learned a lot about colors so far, but the Greater Bird of Paradise is all kinds of garish primaries, and crows are black. I tried to strike a balance between them. The crow is shades of grey and purple, working with the black dress and lavender table in the middle. The Bird of Paradise's reds are echoed in her hair.

Even their "noise markers" are different, showing that the two birds have differing opinions.

I had to rush through drawing of me. The birds are easier to convert to vectors than my own sketchy style of drawing people. So I'm not satisfied with her at all right now. What do you think?

(I was distracted with making this over the past 7 days. It's pretty cool! Please have fun with it! The colors were inspiring, I think ;)

Office with Birds - image 3 - student project

Rachel Nabors

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