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Office Space

1) Defining My Needs and Backdrop:

I grew up by the ocean and have always been inspired by the color, light and softness of it. I love how the water can change colors with the sunset to pinks or shimmer yellow and orange with the sunrise. I always feel refreshed by the ocean and I'm hoping to create an office space that inspires and refreshes me each morning and with each project I take on. I want the space to be calm and serene but playful like the sea.

Here are my top 5 pictures:

Colors: Pink, coral, teal, mint, yellow, white, soft grey, beige.

Textures: Organic, soft, wood grain, linen, smooth walls, plush pillows.

Common themes: Light, bright, uncluttered, playful, purposeful, colorful.

Movement: Clear, open, flexible.

2) Developing My Collection:

Color: The main color I'll be using for my project will be this light pink called Bermuda Pink. My three accent colors will be Sunkissed Yellow, Mermaid's Tale and Cool Aqua. I'll tone down these bright colors with Gentle Gray and Alpine White. All paints by Benjamin Moore.

How I'll use the colors:

Walls: Bermuda Pink, White Trim and Doors

Couch: White

Furniture (Desk and Hutch): Grey

Pillows: Mint, Yellow, Golds

Curtains: White with teal and mint ombre at the bottom (see picture above)

Pattern: The main pattern I'll be using is a solid. Off of that, I hope to use other patterns like watercolor, polka dots and herringbone on accessories like pillows, framed art, desk supplies and other decorative items.

Texture: I want to keep the texture as organic and natural as possible. I have a wooden coffee table, a white linen couch and will be investing in a woven rug for the space. I'll keep the walls smooth and add some velvet pillows to the couch for softness. Little metallic touches and greenery will hopefully round out the space.

How I'll use texture:

Wood: Coffee Table

Linen: Couch

Smooth: Walls

Velvet: Pillows

Metals: Vases, candle holders

Final Project

Below are some pictures of my completed office. I have ordered a Jute rug and some pillows and are still waiting on those, but I'm really excited about how it turned out. I also want to add some air plants or terrariums once we are back from Christmas travels. I love the soft colors and opted to do one accent wall in pink, instead of the whole room. I feel like the room is comfortable, light, breezy and easy - just what I wanted from a room inspired by the ocean. Enjoy!


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