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Office Holiday Card Contest - Creatives Compete and Watch Mary Kate's Video for Inspiration

Here at teamDigital our team of creatives does web design day in and day out. As graphic designers, we are always challenging ourselves to take our design to the next level. We talked about exploring other design mediums to help keep our creative juices flowing. One of us stumbled upon the Hand Lettering video that Mary Kate was offering, since she followed her on Instagram and loved her very original designs. With the holidays upon us, the three of us (Robert Redmond, Catherine Bey-Wagner and Vanessa Salgado) thought it would be fun to have a holiday hand lettered card contest. We would choose one holiday quote and each of us would design a unique card around that theme. At teamDigital, we do promotions. We have a team of creatives, but on the backend we have account managers who write rules for various promotions. So we had our own rules written and everything! Our company (a team of 20-or-so CT based individuals) would do the judging. Here are the three designs that we each submitted!

It's been a great, fun challenge for us as a team! And a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit :)


And the winner is: Vanessa Salgado's Design! :)


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