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Off the grid!

I've been doing calligraphy for a few months now. I learned through another course online, and I feel that I learned a great deal, but I wanted to see it done by someone else.

What struck me is when Molly said that we should not cling to the grid paper for too long. Oops. I realized that I had never written on blank paper, or only on top of something that I had previously done with the pencil. So I thought that I should give it a try.

(With Zebra G)

I liked to hear about Molly's journey with calligraphy. I liked to see authentic photos of her first attempts, and the evolution throughout her months, years of practice. I hope to find my style, my "voice" in calligraphy, and will continue to practice for sure.

(With Brause 66EF)

There are many nibs that I like, my favourite ones being Leonardt Principal, and lately Brause 513. I also like Brause 66EF. I noticed that I'm having a hard time drawing big letters, I'm shaking quite a bit, so I thought of writing the alphabet over and over, a little bigger each time. I like both upright and inclined letters styles, with a small preference for the upright one. To finish, I tried to add more flow to the letters, with a more airy style, without straight bottom line. A fun exercise!


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