Off the Top

Off the Top - student project

The idea of the app is to make it easier for people to practice freestyle rapping (making up rap lyrics as they rap). Here's how it works:

1) Opening screen

2) See a record crate with a selection of instrumentals (with their tempo displayed and skill level) from which a user can hear a previw or choose.

3) Then they hit 'start', and the track begins playing (and recording through the iPhone's mic). They are given single word prompts to try to incorporate into their rhymes, and can hit 'next' to receive a new one. The user sees a dot going through a timeline, and after 20 bars (4 intro and 16 rapping), their freestyle is over.

4) They can then share it on Twitter, Facebook, or email, and the app keeps a copy. 

Eventually, I'd want there to be a stream of 'top freestlyes' or best of the week, and a mechanism to let people sign up and 'like' or reshare freestyles they enjoyed.

I'll be uploading the sketches I have here shortly :)

Off the Top - image 1 - student project