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Hi there. 

I'm a really messy sketcher by nature but I suffer from making my figures too stiff. Even when I try to loosen up I can't seem to get a handle on it. 

Anyway, this is a design for an rp that I'm part of. Ofellia a dragon/demon hybrid of sorts with a lovely face and a bow. I wanted to incorporate her bow as part of her poses.

I'm a bit apprehensive showing off such rough work but I hope someone enjoys it. 

Oh have some of these too. 

I've made my selection and roughed these ladies out. As you can tell I gave up on the 2nd one leaving the rest my favorites. I'm still not too sure what pose although I'm leaning to the last one. 

I had in mind giving Ofellia a scaley body of sorts with super pale skin. I have been on the debate of making her slightly more "demonic" and adding hooves for feet or keeping her more reptilian and giving her clawed feet. I tried both and am still torn. I also added some lighting ideas and the only one I'm still pleased with is the last one. I will refine my favorite three later on. 

So I was kidding myself when I said I'd refine all three. Instead I chose the pose I've loved all along and tried out some different looks. Ofellia doesn't really have a set concept anyway. I'm still ignoring anatomy like whoa but once I make my final choice I'll draw over the entire thing anyway and fix up any awkward angles and ugly hands. 

So I made my choice and I've begun my illogical painting process. I don't have a clue if I'm going to keep this grayscale or make it into a color painting. I think it would be a good challenge for me to do something a bit detailed and colorful. I'm going to go into more detail with the bow as well. I have a few hours ahead of me to work on it. Hell the whole thing might change at a point. 

Also thank you to all who have commented and liked my project. I really enjoy this environment and all the help you guys have given me. You all kick ass \m/

Hi homies~! 

I haven't had internet so I haven't been able to post things in quite a minute. In that time this class has over 250 entries O_O!

Here is my progress thus far. I am still NOWHERE near done. I've spent an obnoxious amount of time on the hair more than anything else and it's starting to piss me off. I'm terrible with painting curls that looks consistant. Any advice on that? 

She's coming together nicely. I'm going back and forth between photoshop and Paint Tool Sai in order to get certain parts in order. I had to go to Sai for her face which I'm still going to work on. I should probably finish that part first at least. 

Here's a snippet of the most current part of it. 

Thank you for looking~


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