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Of Monsters and Men: My Head is an Animal

Band Info:

Of Monsters and Men is a six-piece Indie folk/pop band from Iceland. Their debut album My Head is an Animal was released in 2011. Their music is as fantastical as it is pretty. For inspiration, they often reference random stories they’ve read. The chanting, tribal “Six Weeks” was inspired by the true tale of American frontiersman Hugh Glass, seemingly left for dead after 86ing a bear that attacked him.


* taken from Wikipedia and band website

Their videos tend to be animation driven, set in desaturated worlds with a colorful protagonist.

"Little Talks" video

"King and Lionheart" video


I'd like to illustrate a family (Father, Mother, son or daughter) standing in front of a blackened forest. Each person would be wearing a different animal shaped helmet with an area cut out for their face. Pulling animals from their lyrics, one would be a horse, another a lion and the third a bear. The figures would be colorful while the background is heavily desaturared.

Illustration will be somewhat geometrical with simplified lines to match the style of the band logo.

Mood board:


After some thought, I decided to scale down to two figures to represent the two lead singers, one with a lion head and one with a horse head. I've been experimenting with what direction the animal heads would face (think I prefer profile), having the people hold guitars or not, and have thought about adding the other members of the band standing amongst the background trees, or even doing a back cover with them. I definitely want the animal hair to wrap down around the people faces, and I may drop the circle hole idea and incorporate the faces into the manes. Top rectangles represent the Album title/band name (I'm not good at drawing text!)

This is my first attempt at using a WACOM tablet to draw. Its really hard to get used to!


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