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Abby Hersey

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Of Mice and Men

For my project, I chose to do a book cover for 'Of Mice and Men'. Mice aren't necessarily my favorite animal, but I thought they would be fun to draw. While rabbits figure heavily in the book, I thought field mice would also create some nice symbolism and fit well with the title.

I brainstormed words to do with field mice and the story, and did some quick sketches to get a sense of where I was headed.


I gathered some reference photos of field mice and sketched a few to see how it would look when I draw a mouse.


In doing warm-up sketches of mice, it became clear to me that I had two distinct directions I could go - one very modern and one a little more realistic (although admittedly not very realistic).


I developed thumbnails using both styles of mice and a variety of lettering types.


After making thumbnails, I was still unsure whether to go modern or more traditional, so I developed a sketch of my favorite of each.


I decided the better fit for the story was the traditional sketch, so I developed that one further.


I inked my drawing using a light box and then scanned in the different tracings.



I then used Live Trace in Illustrator to color everything in, and added texture to the piece in Photoshop using what I had learned in Mary Kate's previous courses. Here's the final product.



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