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I recently took a trip to Panama that ended up being completely different than what it was planned to be.  It turned out to be the most amazing and transformative piece of travel I have done in the past 10 years.  I saw so many women traveling in ways that most women I know don't ever dare to travel. The idea of this video is to inspire them to see travel differently and "go astray". We get bogged down by doing things the way we are accustomed to and travel, when done in a way that is challenging can open up our worlds. It's also meant to convey the notion of tight plans limiting our travel experiences.



Once upon a time there was a fun and imaginative little girl who grew into a serious and schedule driven grown up.  Every day she planned the routine details of her life.  Every trip she took with her girlfriends was a production in glam and fashion and included a down to the minute  itinerary.  One day her friends canceled at the last minute before another typical trip.  Because of that, she had to improvise.  Until her world opened up again.

Visual Treatment/Production Notes

A meticulously and professionally dressed woman sits at a computer with a joyless scowl.  

We see an armada of suitcases piled in a corner.  The room is immaculate and everything in its place. She appears pensive, deflated and in a bad mood. The camera pans to her computer screen/telephone where a message reveals that her travel partners will not be able to make the trip.  We see a town car idling, images of lemons, a bus moving, her eyes closed, maybe a tear struggling to come out or remain dormant.  A little girl plays on a swing.

Her eyes open.

A pensive woman stands motionless gazing at the sky where a plane appears taking off.  A slow smile creeps into the corners of her mouth.  The camera pans out and we see her hair is different.  It is apparent her body language speaks excitement.  She now dons a pair of casual sneakers, blue denim and a lone backpack that seem to almost be carrying her weight.  A bold text flashes across the screen " …go astray"


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