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Hi All,

I'm going to do a modern retelling of the myth of Oedipus by Sophocles. It's a tragedy, so it's pretty bleak. I'm interested in how I can make this modern.

Here's what i have (it's basically the myth boiled down):

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was adopted but didn’t know it.
Every day, he enjoys his life as heir to a kingdom.
One day, he is told that his fate is to kill his dad and marry his mother.
Because of this, the young man leaves his family. On his travels, he murders a man in a fight.
Because of this, he is able to travel on and gain fame.
Because of this, he marries a rich woman.
Because of this, he has children and land.
Because of this, he has to deal with a problem with the land.
Because of this, he seeks out help and meets an old man.
Because of this, he finds out from the old man that the man he killed was his real father and that the woman he married is his real mother.
Until finally, his wife commites suicide in shame and he’s so devasted that cuts his own eyes out.
From that day forward, he wanders a lost, blind soul, a lesson to all those who think they can escape their fate.


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