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Odious UPDATED 7/14

Step 1: Selecting Your Text:

I chose to adapt Ollie McGee from "Spoon River Anthology".

"Have you seen walking through the village A Man with downcast eyes and haggard face? That is my husband who, by secret cruelty Never to be told, robbed me of my youth and my beauty; Till at last, wrinkled and with yellow teeth, And with broken pride and shameful humility, I sank into the grave. But what think you gnaws at my husband's heart? The face of what I was, the face of what he made me! These are driving him to the place where I lie. In death, therefore, i am avenged."

I found her story interesting, and some what still valid in today's society. I interpreted it as Ollie got married when she was a young beautiful vibrant woman. As she grew older and older she missed her beautiful glow, and often yearned for adventure, but was repressed by her emotionally abusive husband. No one in town knew about her emotional abuse, and she wore the stress and sadness on her face, and in her heart. Her husband secretly loved her, and knew he wasn't good enough for her, so he had to shoot her down, he actually became addicted to making her hurt, he liked having the power over her, and he did it so she would never leave him. She died before ever truly knowing how he felt, therefore left the world with a hate in her heart for her husband.

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay:

For my screen play I wanted to set it to a modern day middle aged couple, where the wife is unhappy in her marriage and wants to break free of her emotionally abusive husband. She constantly compares her self to her 20's self, and is resentful about all the opportunities she missed by marrying young. Her husband blames himself, but would never admit out loud that he is to blame, and quickly puts her in check. She finds new ways to release her emotions, and bares her abuse alone, and escapes her reality.opportunities


Older Ollie:


Younger Ollie:





Step 3: Writing Your Logline:

Once considered a beautiful woman full of life, an oppressed and emotionally abused woman explores new ways to escape her reality and feel beautiful again, if only for a moment.


First Draft


2ND DRAFT 6/23/14

I got a lot of great notes an ideas, I tried not to be so obvious with Connor and Young Ollie's dialogue and made it more flirty. I also liked the suggestion of adding images of Fletcher in the daydream so I added him in there (thank you for that) Also, I feel like the beginning still struggles so I'm trying to work that out. Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this project. As a beginner it helps getting constructive criticism.


3RD DRAFT 7/18/14

I changed Connor to Casey, and there are subtle changes in dialogue.



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