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Ode to an Original E-mail Address / Louis Prima

I got my first e-mail in second grade, and to make it combined my greatest passion and my area code, hosted on a now-defunct e-mail service.  I thought this project would be a fun way to pay homage to it, but for the sake of brevity I'll design only the first part of it: horselover.

I appreciate Brandon's note that people so often use script that it's important not to overlook more industrial, easier to manipulate fonts.  I thought that might be a funny looking vibe for the kiddish horselover phrase, so I sketched out some ideas for both styles.

Black is the font just as typed, while the colored versions include the modifications.

In illustrator my suspicions were confirmed - horselover looked a bit silly in the trappings of a strong, utilitarian font (I chose Gin because I thought the serifs gave it a western edge).

But I'm quite pleased with the script style (I used the font No. Seven) as it fits the tone and mood of the word.  I would've loved a shirt with this on it as a kid.  I'm still not set on the colors - I went with bright and cheerful, but I'm up for any suggestions.


4/3/15 - I decided I'd have another crack at a phrase that works better with cleaner, sans serif lettering rather than script.  I'm a big fan of jazz singer Louis Prima, and since I've had a great font for a while now that I haven't been able to use (Rather Jazzy on myfonts.com) I decided it'd be time to put it to good use in stylizing his name.

Below you can see how it looks when just typed, then my changes, then stacked as would be more appropriate for cover art, with colors drawn from his best of collection and influenced by his bright, cheerful tone.  Fnially I added some texture and background shading - especially necessary due to the prominent use of yellow - and voila!



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