Ode to Rose | Skillshare Projects

Tanya Hopper

Graphic Designer



Ode to Rose

It took me a while to decide what type of project I wanted to do. I am a bit surprized that a Photoshop class is working with collage elements that are better overall as vector art designed within Illustrator. I struggled with the rose. The stem and leaves are handdrawn shapes, but the bud I was unable to reproduce to my satisfaction so I gave up on it, and designed that piece in Illustrator and pasted it into photoshop as pixels. The piano parts, and keys, are all individual shapes, each on it's own layer. The empty bit of artboard in the top right is where I placed my handdrawn petals to give it some character.

I like the monochrome and RGB color wheel within the keyboard. I think it gives the piece pop and pizzazz. Felt a bit like I was in my 2D art class again. Overall, I enjoyed the project. It isn't often that I get to do something this creative, just for fun.


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