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Ode to Clue

Hi, everyone!

Feeling very lucky to be around so many wonderfully talented people. :)

So...I got a little excited with this project. I'm not even sure if the project style counts as retro, but I decided to make posters/cards for the 80s movie Clue. I did one for each of the characters. I'm including Wadsworth, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, and Mrs. White. I haven't finished the other three yet, but I'll post those in here, too. 

I would love any feedback to improve these and techniques used. I used the pen tool heavily, and have multiple color layers and filters, a few masks. I tried to keep them very similar in style/text.

Feedback and comments very much appreciated!!


Mrs. Peacock

(I would especially appreciate any advice for the glasses - I tried using the marquee tool, but getting clean lines was difficult - I had to draw it out with the lasso tool because of the odd shapes.)

Mrs. White

Miss Scarlet

and Wadsworth


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