Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends - student project

1. Action Figures!
Decided to draw a football player, and it took a lot of attempts. The project actually hibernated for a few months. The trickiest part was to simplify that left leg, and the shorts. I tend to draw in a realistic way, but it helped drawing the figure from my own head. A good warm-up.

Odds and Ends - image 1 - student projectOdds and Ends - image 2 - student project

3. Page of Poses
A page of twist poses. I am struggling to find a consistent way of drawing, easing into a more stylised look. It is not easy. Odds and Ends - image 3 - student project

I added another iteration of the page of poses. Replaced the low-twisting man with a new guy. The overall impression is kind of the same, but I refined and added some details.

Odds and Ends - image 4 - student project

… and another iteration. I have noticed that I tend to exaggerate the lower part of the body when drawing live models. So I decided to use this biased way of drawing, thinking it could be a natural way of stylizing for me.

Odds and Ends - image 5 - student project

4. People in Shapes
Odds and Ends - image 6 - student project

5. Cutouts

Odds and Ends - image 7 - student project


6. Exaggeration

I drew a pair of glasses in the corner of my page, and it turned out they belong to a man, lying on the floor wiping his glasses. Learned a lot about drawing and finishing art in Photoshop!

Odds and Ends - image 8 - student project

… and then I made some adjustments to the shadowing, added small details (that book he is reading must be very sad – or is he crying because his glasses shrank?) and put a rug underneath him.

Odds and Ends - image 9 - student project

Torill Stranger
Graphic designer, happiest with a pencil