Odd Bodies by Keren

Odd Bodies by Keren - student project

I worked so hard on this project - a bit more than three full days. I did all the exercises and the final project and I'm really proud of myself! 

Exercise 1: Action Figures

My reference photo was a beautiful, elegant dancer.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 1 - student project

Reference photo: https://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/whats-on/138299-emerging-dancer-2020

I needed to go through a lot of iterations since I'm not very experienced. I loved the instructions that allowed me to try and simplify the form and not try to be too literal. It was very freeing, fun, and rewarding.

I did the first one on paper, but the rest of the class (except for the scissor cutting of course) I did in Procreate.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 2 - student project

Exercise 2: Action Figures From Memory

I was surprised at how much I remembered, probably because it was my first one and because I drew it several times. I had a hard time remembering the hip area though.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 3 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 4 - student project

Exercise 3: Page of Poses

This took a LOT of work and lots of iterations per drawing. Basically I did each one on its own and then moved them around the page to get them to fit into a composition. My google search was "Artistic Gymnastics" and wow you get a lot of people in all sorts of poses! This was challenging and a great exercise and I enjoyed it as well.

This is the final page:

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 5 - student project

Here are the iterations per figure. Some were lost when I dragged some layers outside the canvas in procreate (marked with an asterisk, meaning there were several iterations before that), and the second guy has cut feet for the same reason.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 6 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 7 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 8 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 9 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 10 - student project

Exercise 4: People in Shapes

I loved this exercise! It was so much fun. I did two shapes. In one shape I tried several ideas before choosing the final idea.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 11 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 12 - student project

I don't know how I got to this bald guy but he kind of became a recurring theme. I also really like drawing the eyes like that so you can see where he's looking but it's still simplified.

Exercise 5: Cutouts

This was fun to do and quite challenging. I made a few before these that I didn't include. My favorite is the boxing one because of the liberty of the placement of the arms and because he looks funny to me. He lost a foot in the cutting process but I kept him anyway.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 13 - student project

Exercise 6: Exaggeration

I loved this exercise as well. I did it twice. Evidently there was a recurring hugging theme.

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 14 - student project

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 15 - student project


The second one most of the work was about figuring out how to place the arms, and I had a hard time drawing consistent stringy arms so I decided to be bold and just settle on line hands. Starting at 3, the cup and person were the same and I just tried adjusting the arms.

Final Project

I chose this last one for my final project:

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 16 - student project

I had some difficulties due to a knowledge gap I have using photoshop and the pen tool. I've forgotten how to use it, though I took the Pen Tool Wizard class a long time ago. I'll have to retake it. But I really wanted to finish the project!

I considered using Inkscape which I have been practicing lately, but I didn't want flat untextured shapes and I haven't learned how to texturize in Inkscape yet.

So I decided to do the illustration in Procreate - not as vector-y, but still texturized and done (and more intuitive and fast than Photoshop, I think)!

As I was coloring in his shirt, It looked like a turtleneck sweater, so I thought instead of an office worker he could be just a coffee snob. I added a curved back and changed the chair. I stumbled upon the idea of having the shapes not touching, like a collage, through the process of drawing and having a gap there for a moment. I tried to use very few colors as well.

I love simplifying! It's so liberating! 

Odd Bodies by Keren - image 17 - student project

This was a superb class packed with fun exercises that gave me practical tools to simplify, iterate, refine, and create a finalized illustration. It was incredibly well put together. I feel empowered to take more illustration classes and illustrate all on my own as well. I'm so happy I was able to complete it, as I am not experienced at illustration and some illustration classes were daunting for me so far and this is not a beginner's class.

I started Tom's Sweet Spots class a short while back and felt it was too advanced for me. But I will try it again!

I would appreciate any direction, critique, advice. I know it's a general question, but whatever occurs to you is fine.

Thank you, Tom, for another fantastic class! Please make more classes for beginners!

Keren Duchan
Doodler, Teacher