Octopus | Skillshare Projects




I thought this would be a fun class since I have been curious about screen printing. 

Originally I was not sure what I was going to make. My girlfriend was practicing watercoloring as she makes little animals that wear bowties. Today she was practicing and made this octopus. She was bummed that it was not coming out as she wanted it. She was about to throw the paper away, so I asked if I could have it. So to salvage some of her time spent.

I went in to photoshop and cropped out all the background and had to extend one of his arms since it was behind a whale. I made the eyes a little bigger. I am going to cut smoother lines when I cute with the exacto knife obiously, i just did not see the point in wasting time in photoshop when it is going to be finished in ink anyways.


Next step is to print it out and put it on a shirt or something. Will update when I have that done.


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