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Julie Lambert

Artist & Graphic Designer




May 30

I wanted to submit a design for a Creative Allies contest called Beneath The Sea. I knew that this class would be the perfect opportunity for me to strengthen my digital illustration skills that I could use on this design.

Creative Allies contest page:


I found a ton of great reference material on pinterest and you can find my board here:


I did some really quick sketches just to test out differenct compositions, but I had an idea of what I wanted in my head.

So I chose the octopus for it's tentacles, which I could play around with a lot. I embellished it with lots of seaweed and coral. And some creepy fish with lots of eyes, just for fun. I'm happy with my sketch and am ready to move onto the digital phase! I did it with a 4B pencil on sketch paper and went into detail with micron pens so I could get nice dark, fine lines.

My drawing:


June 2

Hey guys! I finished my project! Check it out:


I am really happy with how it turned out. It was exciting going through certain steps and seeing it all come together. I definately learned some new things in this class.

Some notes about the digital process:

-I tried a few different textures that I got on the free sites, but ended up making my own with a sponge brush in Photoshop in black, gray, and white in varying opacities.

-I tried several different color combinations and just kept experimenting. I started out with blues, teals, and purples (a more realistic sea palatte) but I'm glad I mixed it up because this palatte is my favorite.

-One of the last things I did was add in a "Highlights" layer and a "Shadows" layer for the octopus. There were so many different steps and things to experiement with that I almost forgot this part. After I stepped away and came back, I immediately realized that I needed not only some contrast, but some brightness to give my octopus some life.

I also submitted this desgin to Creative Allies:


Thanks Sara for a great class!


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