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Octopus for use as a graphical element for cards

I finally chose the octopus for the project, after looking through a lot of bird pictures, rabbit pictures and tigers. 

I started out looking for photos of the octopus and then grouped them on pinterest here: 


From those images I started my sketches. 


I like the way this image has the profile of the head, it sort of looks friendly even though you don't see a face anywhere. 


On this one I like the symetrics of the animal and think that is could be easily turned into a floral element, just as the tenticles with their suction caps. Also reminds me of a hoover, ... strange. This animal has something very mysterious about it. I try to image that is has no brain in the head, no skeletton, can squeeze through small openings, has its mouth on the bottom where the arms come together. 


This one reminds me of a medusa and hair spreading out in water. It has something intriguing to me, as their are openings where you can see through to the back (more tentacles). The looping arms reminds me of arteries of a heart - did you know that octopusses actually have 3 hearts (organs with similar function to a 'heart'). I find it interesting they way that tentacles curl up, it is not just like a lock of hair. 

I will let it sit for one night - before deciding. Glad to have done these sketches, by doing we learn to see, do we not?

This is the final drawing

Now working on my scan...


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