Octopus Connection

Octopus Connection - student project

Thanks to Anna Kazymyrova for the heads up that my link to Instagram was incorrect!!!  It is now updated.  Loved this class.  Loved!!  It gave me a ton of new ideas for my brand new Instagram feed for a business project I am calling Octopus Connection at OctopusConnetion.com to include a new blog.  Instagram handle is @octopusconnection.  My target market are professionals who just don't have enough hands to get everything done for their businesses, hence the octopus reference.  I am starting with design, illustration, photography, and business consultation services and will be building a store with fun stuff to enhance professional and personal spaces.  My initial focus will be:

1)  Designers

2)  Artists

3)  Digital professionals of all kinds

4)  Business professionals looking to up their game

5)  business, fashion, art and style bloggers

Here's my grid with blocks of 9 cohesive images, but I may have to alter it into 3's depending on content.  I want it to look like art; clean and visually appealing.  The plan is to add color going forward, but very strategically.

Octopus Connection - image 1 - student project

Here is a post with several hashtags and an edited image.  Loving the photography apps!!!!

Octopus Connection - image 2 - student project

I look forward to updating this project to add the other edited images and things I learned.  : )

Chris V
Artist, Designer, Maker