Octoplace.com - Find and save places by dish

Octoplace.com - Find and save places by dish - student project

Octoplace.com - Find and save places by dish - image 1 - student project

Octoplace.com - Find and save places by dish - image 2 - student project

Octoplace is a bookmarking tool for restaurant dishes.

You can save food photos or text from any webpage and then Octoplace will put it on a map so you can find it later.

The Problem

Do you ever wonder: What was that place I wanted to eat at? I saw it on some blog... or was it yelp... or maybe foursquare? 

Other food apps force you to play in their sandbox or limit what you can save. Octoplace lets you save as much stuff about a place as you want, from any web page. When you're looking at a food blog or reading yelp, there was a reason why your stomach started grumbling. We help you capture that reason so you can reference it faster than your stomach can grumble.

Biggest Holes (ranked)

  1. "Will I be able to interact with other people? Comment, like, follow?"
    "I need bragging rights. Likes or badges. Something that tells me immediately that I'm awesome. Otherwise, I feel like it gets lost."
  2. "How will you get photos up there? What if I can't find enough places? I'll just go to Yelp."
  3. "Will there be reviews or ratings? More community information about the photo?"
  4. "I don't know how to use a bookmarklet or chrome extension."
  5. "I often look up restaurants on my phone, not my desktop."

MVP Solution

Thanks to Stephen Yang for the idea! 

Reach out to our target 1% users that have great photos of dishes (e.g. Food Bloggers, Editorial Sites) and get them to sign up. 


  • 50 Food Blogger signups
  • 1K email addresses in Los Angeles


I'm always interested in doing more customer reviews. If you're down to trade customer reviews (i.e. I do yours, you do mine), hit me up in the comments below.

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Jennifer Puno
Co-Founder of Octoplace.com