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Patrice Horvath

designer & artist




Enjoying using these watercolor skills on personal projects like below. See the process here.

So got to painting... this was my fav so far from the shoe experiments. Posed a pair of flats I had in my closet, but improvised on the color to make them more interesting. Browsing for more tutorials now to learn some other tips.

Watercolors have always been a go-to for me in personal projects, but my execution of it is not very strong. I’ve had more experience in oil paint, quite the opposite medium and what appeals to me besides the aesthetic, is the easy set up/clean up. Its definitely easier to use in my small apartment!

Didn’t want to break the bank on a new hobby so went with a lower cost paper, but still wanted to work with a watercolor block. I knew if I splurged on it at this point I’d be really precious with the paper and limit my experimenting. Also got decent watercolor brushes, but in some new shapes (fan and angles) I didn’t currently have.

Had fun this past Sunday mixing colors with the Winsor & Newton palette I already had. Created a grid of mixing all the colors from my palette. Also mixed the three primaries together to form different colors. Had the most trouble with purples, especially lavender. Tended to be too red or muddy.


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