Octogon Reader

Octogon Reader - student project

This is my first time taking a SkillShare class..and my english is not the best...so please be clement :P

I divide the analysis into three parts: user workflow, analysis of two of the current solutions (flipboard and feedly) and ui proposal.


Octogon Reader - image 1 - student project

I think that users follow three natural steps to read rss feeds:

Step 1 - Quick look: a quick view of all items looking for a image or an attention-grabbing headline.

Step 2 - Interest: when something catches your eye,  yo want to know more but do not read the entire article.

Step 3 - Read:  your are finally interested in the article.

I rated by relevance the different feed components in each step and i think that the two most important things in step 1 are Image/Media and headline. In step 2: resumen text and image/media and in step 3 text and image/media.


Octogon Reader - image 2 - student project

I analyze three variables in step 1 of the two most amazing solutions (Flipboard & Feedly): speed(how long it takes to take a quick view of 15 posts), image/media relevance(big or small) and title relevance (big/small).

In FlipBoard you have a big headline with a fullscreen image background, you have a big image and title relevance too, but you only have one post per screen. If you have 15 post, you have to swipe up 14 times to see the entire feed.

In Feedly you have about five posts in main screen, you online have to swipe up three times to quick view 15 post but, i think that the size of images and headlines in step1 is to small to make the right decision about the post to read.

I think FlipBoard and Feedly represent the two extremes, speed vs content relevance. 

My modest proposal is a reader that balance this two variables. 50% speed / 50% content relevance.


Octogon Reader - image 3 - student project

I realized that the step2 is only conceptual and can be merged with step1 (like clipboard) or step3(like feedly). I thing that three is the right amount of post in home bout not with the same relevance.

I thought in a 3d nut based interface like this.

I apologize for my english...