October & Today is the Day

October & Today is the Day - student project

I started with "October," a similar project as Liz's first example. I've had this color palette and have been wanting to use it. This seemed like the perfect project. October & Today is the Day - image 1 - student project

And then I tried thinking of another project similar to Liz's matchbox, and came up with this calendar day with this quote that I really like. Here is my sketch.October & Today is the Day - image 2 - student projectOctober & Today is the Day - image 3 - student project

I'm not sure I like the background in this. It doesn't really match the image and the lettering. I'll have to revise it. I think a slight shadow behind the paper would also be a good idea, as well as turning the paper a wee bit might bring it to life.

Thanks for a great class, Liz!

Kim Bliss
Graphic & Surface Designer | Artist