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Octo LogoMark

Second Pass (2nd version - different color) - wanted to vary the the thickness and flow of the limbs to keep it more organic. Going to try for a more smoother approach though.

Second Pass (2nd version - blue background) 

Second Pass (2nd version - black fill color) 


Color & Shade - First Pass (Multiplied the dark area & lowered the opacity)

Black Fill 

Outline - First Pass (Played with line weight)

Illustrator Linework - First Pass (Green line for visibility)

Finalizing the direction:

Next, a few sketches.

4/2/14 - I thought of designing a watermark. Settling on an octopus for its enhanced memory and problem solving skills as an invertebrate, plus the difficulty with the limbs. Following the video, here is my moodboard


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