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Oceans To Sail...


I decided to ink the sketch in more or less as is and digitize from there and then address the issue of putting "my love" on the same line once it's vecorized since it'll be a lot simpler to move all of those swashes around that way. Thought I'd go ahead and show you what things are looking like now..


Hey all!

I'm a freelance designer with a serious weekness for lettering, but I'm currently on a 10 month trip through Asia and Eastern Europe (freelancing remotely from the road), and I'm finding it really hard to keep drawing by hand. I'm really excited about this course as a way to keep pushing myself, and especially to learn more about how to add texture and life into pieces once you digitize them. I feel like my drawings tend to look pretty flat once they're done, and I'd really love to know more about that step!

For my piece I'm going with a favorite quote by Saul Williams;

"Come, my love, we've got oceans to sail."

I wanted to do something that would sum up this season for me, living and working on the road. I really love this one, and I'd love to make something I can eventually turn into a print to frame and remind me of this adventure when I'm home and settled back into life. :)

Here are my first sketches!

First draft:



I wanted to do something fairly swashy, and I'd like to go in to the swashes and add some more linework in the digital phase to push the feeling of waves. I don't know if that makes any sense, so I'm adding an inspiration image from a mural I love to show what I'm thinking.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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