Hello there! Thanks so much for the class, Kelly. I really appreciated all the tips of combining analog and digital art together. It definitely gave me the opportunity to try some new things in my work.

Since it's getting warmer out, the word I picked was ocean (because the coast is where I'd rather be right now). I really liked the idea of the type interlocking and the thought of making the word almost ilegible. I tried several different layouts, mostly drawing letters on top of each other. 


At first I really dug the middle oneon the right where the letters began to break out of the frame of the O. While I always had a good feeling in my head of how I wanted the type to look, I didn't know how I wanted to embelish it. So I purused pintrest for a bit and found some inspiration.




The Song of the Sea is also one of my favorite soundtracks to listen to, so that was also a big help. 

From there I took the middle sketch and brought it into Photoshop. I came up with a rough comp, figruing out layout and color choices. 


From there I realized I wasn't a huge fan of the letters breaking the frame anymore and thought it was beginning to look silly, so I redrew the letter forms. This time, I layered the letters on top of each other, but kept them within the frame of the O. What really helped me come to that concolusion was designing my frame. My hand drawn part was the wave frame I drew with my brush pen. 


Once I had that down, I realized I wanted to make my piece more symmetrical. That meant I had to rethink my letterforms. After that, it was a matter of figuring out how to lay down the textures, which can be a struggle for me. I think I found that I was overthinking it a bit and throwing too much texture on the piece, so I scaled back and just kept my wave brush strokes on top. The final touches I did were throwing a texture on the background and adding a vinette (which was really awesome to see how much it popped at the end!). 



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