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Ocean of Fog: A Photo Study

Traveling was the one thing for sure I knew I wanted to do as a kid. I didn't know what I wanted to be, but I knew I wanted to see the world. I've been traveling to central Mexico my whole life, but at the end of junior year in high school I finally went to NYC. The ball really got rolling then. That same year, I traveled across the U.S. by train to California, then up to Oregon, and by train back to Chicago.  This summer I revisited Mexico again, traveling to Zacatecas, a magnificent city that oddly has the climate of San Francisco.

My photo study will concentrate in a Nat-Geo kind of way on some my favorite fog and ocean photos. Fog became my favorite as I traveled. Everyone slowed down, liked to sit and watch it, and it just makes you feel still. And the ocean, well who doesn't like large bodies of water?


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