Ocean: In & Out | Skillshare Projects

Ocean: In & Out

In & Out is a photo essay on "Ocean"

Mix of fugi 400 35mm & Digital

Wide Est. shot (35mm) 


Tools / workspace. (35mm)

Here we see our subject unpacking his bag of paint cans. Graffiti itself is an enigma to most of society;  I choose to shoot frames within frames to achieve a voyeristic look (outside looking in).  Also notice how the subject is looking off too make sure there is no sign of trouble.  Captureing this moment displays how alert and aware of his surroundings the writer must be while painting.


Portrait (Digital)

A True G.


Process(35mm): Again shooting through a frame to keep the viewer outside of the culture but still giving them a glimpse.


Final:  Here Ocean has finished his throw up and is adding on his crews tag.



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