Ocean In A Shell?

Ocean In A Shell? - student project

Ocean In A Shell? - image 1 - student projectI chose the word 'Quiet' and after a nice brainstorm involving ears and the sea. After a good deal of bouncing about between these words I decided on the imagery of a shell. I feel it partly resembles an ear and when the word 'quiet' is put to it, I immediatly think of childhood memories listening to the faint sound of the sea that seemed to come from within. I also think it is a peaceful object that when treated with a carefully chosen limited pallet could convey a sense of the calm and quiet experienced by the sea. 

I hope to somehow suggest the sound of the sea with pattern to make this piece a little abstract. The three things I would like to get from this project are:

Limited pallet

Strong composition


Amy Olszak

Illustration Graduate