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Occupational and Environmental Health Book App

Hey guys,

nice to meet you!

My name is Raphael and i'm a physician from Brazil.

I work with Occupational and Environmental Healthcare, and we have a huge book provided by de government called "Normas Regulamentadoras", or Regulatory Standarts in english.

This book contains 36 huge chapters and isn't avaliable in a digital format besides .pdf.

All this content are made by the Labor Department, and have no restrictions on using it.


Create an iPhone app that:

1- presents all the 36 chapters and its contents (including tables and graphs)

2- easy to find content, with a search tool

3- favorite tab

4- share through e-mail

It's gonna be a simple UX/UI design (i'll post some images latter), very clean and usefull.

I hope you guy like the evolution of the project!



#1 Project on paper @ 7.3.13


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