Occasionally Travelling, Always Inspiring

Occasionally Travelling, Always Inspiring - student project

The phrase I'm choosing is 'Occasionally Travelling, Always Inspiring', a phrase coined by my sister to describe my website which I run on the side of my full time job called The Occasional Traveller. I decided I liked the catchiness and have adopted it as an unofficial tagline of sorts.

TOT was created because that's who I am, someone who works a full time job like everyone else, but who loves to travel and can only indulge it when I get time off. It's a collection of my own stories and other inspirations to inspire myself and others like me to get up and travel, and a reminder that you don't have to be a perpetual nomad or a travel blogger to indulge your wanderlust, that there are many ways you can travel.

Draft 1

Occasionally Travelling, Always Inspiring - image 1 - student project

Turns out I ended up with quite a different looking sketch. It still keeps the hand-drawn look, i'm still pondering the font choices, but I made it into a little badge of sorts, with my paper plane logo in the middle. the swirlies were supposed to represent wind and add some interest, but think they need to be a lot thinner so the words pop.

Intitial Thoughts

I want this design to reflect these qualities, of inspiration and individual style. I'm considering if I want to tie it to my current logo (created with the lovely Wisdom Font from Lost-Type Co Op and given an embossed feel) so it reflects a bit of my brand as well. I hope for this design to be something I can put up on my website, or perhaps create a little button out of that I can print up and put next to my computer.

I want there to be a handwritten type of feel to add a personal touch, but I think there needs to be a contrast between the 2 sections 'Occasionally travelling' and 'Always inspiring'. I'm deciding between a portrait image that could go in a side bar, so having the 4 words stacked on each other, but am trying to figure out the balance as these words are all pretty long. Or the other option is to have it more landscape, with OT on top and AI below.

Occasionally Travelling, Always Inspiring - image 2 - student project

Jac Seah

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