Obsession (Problem, Obsession, Solution) | Skillshare Projects

Maggie Worms

Sr. Graphic Designer



Obsession (Problem, Obsession, Solution)

For my project I wanted to choose words that told a story about me. In my personal and work life I seem to find this pattern (Problem, Obsession & Solution) repeating itself. As a designer I see myself as a problem solver with infinate possibilities and solutions, and it's ultimately my job to design the final solution.  

I think it's human and hopfully common for people to identify with these words and see their own self in this short ambigious story. I hope to be able to capture the cyclical nature of these words and what they mean to me as a designer.

Because these words are a bit cumbersome, and I want to finish a full word before the end of this class, I've decided to start with the most dramatic word, obsession.

I used the Width Tool in Illustrator to create the final look.


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