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Obsessed with these apps now, they're overtaking my life!

I've been so thrilled to take these classes! I've been a heavy Instagramer for quite some time now, both in my personal and business accounts (- @mossandhoney), and was so happy to discover the VSCO online community. (www.mossandhoney.vsco.co) The knowledge gained about these apps has been thrilling. I hope to take my photos to a higher level now that I have these tools. Thanks a ton! Please feel free to comment on any of the photos below, I would love some constructive critiscm/positive feedback. Thanks!  

I tried to follow Dan's sequence to see how that would work for me. TouchRetouch, SnapSeed and VSCO. Most of the time, I find Snapseed can be skipped and I prefer to go straight to VSCO. 

Original -

I work in Photoshop ALOT, but this TouchRetouch App is A M A Z I N G. Can't stand how easy it is to remove the above elements! (as well as below, fourth photo - where I removed the corner bottom right side) 

Cropping the image really seemed to make it pop. Would love to hear what you think? Thanks!

Not sure why these are sideways. They're upright until I upload them here, and since I tried a few times to upload to fix this without success, I'm just going to leave them as is. Sorry! Various edits on VSCOcam. The cropping made this image so much more interesting!

Original with slight adjustments - pumped up the red with Snapseed, 

then added variations from VSCOcam below.

I have so many more photos and edits to add, but I don't want to bore people, PLUS I must get on with my (real) life! I've spent the past few days taking photos and completely immersing myself in these apps. SO MUCH FUN!!!


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