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     ZaLou zoomed in on his specific human as he woke up. ZaLou liked to watch the entire city at night. The image dropped down like it was falling through the sky and the building went see through as ZeLou watched his specific human wake up. His human's identifying code was Guy. Guy had just moved into this living cell last night. It was a one room place. Living quarters seemed to be the sleeping and eating quarters too. There was a separate sub-room where hygiene was to take place. Last night he had spent most of the night taking stuff out of containers and organizing it around the small area. He had played some music as well and sort of danced around the room as he organized his things. Guy was quite the character he seemed. This morning he had woken up and started writing something on a small journal. ZeLou selected it and enhanced the image. He was writing out a dream. This was his dream notebook apparently. A short one about someone named Heather. The language was some dialect ZeLou didn't understand. Guy put some jeans and a shirt and biked down the street to get a coffee. The rest of the day, Guy zipped around on his bike, from building to building. It seemed as though he was filling out verification and application slips to work at these selected places. Guy did this all day long. He rode around for 6 hours like that. ZeLou supposed he needed some sort of sustainment since he had just arrived. 
     At the end of the day, Guy went back home to his newly lived in apartment. He made some dried noodles by boiling water on his stove and put some sauce on it. He had a futon and that was his only piece of furniture which he sat and ate silently. He washed his dish after he was done and went onto his laptop computer and searched and applied for some more jobs and then started typing away at something. ZeLou read along. He was writing again but not about his dream this time. He was writing some sort of story. His cellular device rang. It was his mother. ZeLou tapped in. She called to see if everything was alright. He said he was fine. After that, awhile later there was knock on the door. Exciting! A relationship to establish. He looked a little surprised and walked to the door. When he opened it an excellent female human specimen was standing on the other side. They embraced each other in a very long and firm hug. They sat and talked on the futon for awhile. Various subjects being his move there, how his day was, what she did today. She had also brought a cardboard box filled with twelve bottle of what seemed to be a toxin. This was ZeLou's first encounter with it. The title on the box was in a different human language ZeLou didn't understand. After hours of talking, they put a movie on his computer and they both fell asleep sitting sort of diagonal on each other on the futon for the rest of the night. ZeLou zoomed out to see the whole city. Pretty good first day for Guy thought ZeLou as he relaxed his stems. 


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