Observation Class

Observation Class - student project

How can I even begin to explain all that I have learned in this class?!!!  

This class was organized very well and built upon the previous lesson that then lead to being better prepared for the final project. Not in a million years would I hav even thought of attempting to draw the Statue of Liberty!!!  Though I did not get the proportions correct, even with the grid, you can still tell what it is. I’m assuming with more practice, it’ll get easier. 

I also loved learning about shapes and shadows.  It helps to understand the big picture and keeps me from jumping straight into the details of the picture.  Observations is truly the key and it is so much more than just seeing. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us!

Observation Class - image 1 - student projectObservation Class - image 2 - student projectObservation Class - image 3 - student projectObservation Class - image 4 - student project

I did try to erase the grid, but it refused to be erased

Norma Black

Artist and Teacher