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Obliterations: delivering deliverables while projecting projectables, welcome to my re-re-revised skillshare project for Phillip Stearns' Illuminated Errors: Create Visual Glitch Art class March/April 2013

Like my other classmates, I'm figuring out that posting my newests projectables first here seems to make the most sense bringing your attention to what is most recent.


Lesson 4:  Mashin' em softly

I ran into the most problems with this lesson, but was able to get some good pieces out of my efforts with a little experimentation and problem solving effort.

For my first mashup I used these two images, which refused to display side by side like they will in the editable project workspace so I cropped a screenshot to get this side by side, sigh:

Yeilding all the following results as I tweaked and retweaked:

Above: intial mashup

Above: added echo effect

added reverse effect, instantly became Data's evil brother from TNG.  D:

This above was from the same iteration but with the alpha channel/transparency glitch effect captured via screenshot.  The thumbnail difference tipped me off.

More transparency issues with this version which I've added an invert effect to the space photo. This above version is the darker

The lighter.

And because I also like the checkerboard effect that GIMP uses to show transparency.  :)

This beauty came from inverting both audio tracks!  :D  Love it!

Next, I decided to mash up some classics:

Edward Poynter - Andromeda (1869)

El Greco, The Immaculate Conception, ca1541–1614, oil on canvas

The Immaculate Andromeda.  2013 :)

Then I went with some nuclear explosions, because why not.

This one was a pain in the butt to get to work.  The file kept breaking, I think due to weird file differences. Although I saved both as TIFF and made sure the resolutions were identical, the 'songs' would still be very different in duration.  Some merged better than others.

Oh yeah, baby.

I just love the colors that this glitchy merger created.

These last two, above, are from merging in GIMP by opening my images as layers and playing with the opacity of each layer.

And I while I had all the layers up I went ahead and saved/exported as an animated GIF:


Eyes do not compute.


Lesson 3:  Audacious audacity

I have always been musically inept, but I think my strenghts as a visual thinker are starting to bleed over into other aspects of my life.  I love music, I just don't really understand it.  So for me, playing with audio software is not only new, but totally fascinating. 

Sticking with my self portrait TIFF for simplisity's sake, I followed Phil's example by first exporting the image immediately after importing it.

I like starting with an already glitched version.  Let's get to breakin'!

This above image is after just a couple simple cut and paste alterations.

This one is a result of reversal.  Immediatly I knew I wanted to do another reversal to straighten it back out, but first some more effects:

This is after adding echo to the begining and ending.  I actually redid this one because I wanted to preserve the facial features and the first echo job I did on the end section wrecked it too much.

This partial reversal caused the skin tone to Hulk out.  :D

Adding the phaser effect to a section was definitely not a letdown.  Everyone loves phasers.  PEW PEW PEW!!!

This above iteration results from adding spikes to the EQ graph for an early section and end section.  Again my goal was to preserve the facial feature mid section.  The next and last effect really made me happy:

Taking a risk I selected a large portion of my 'song' and monkeyed around with the noise reduction effect choosing isolation as an option.  I'm so happy with the result!  I think making the alterations with audacity is my current favorite way to glitch out an image.  It's so fun and seems to be a more understandable form of image subversion for me, despite my total lack of audio based knowledge.

I liked it so much I made a GIF of all the versions!

Ok, so more fun with Audacity (I just can't help myself!):

HMQS Gayundah photo with noise removal effect on isolate mode.  <3 that effect.

(right click and open in new tab for the full size version)


Lesson 2: animating GIFs. 

I've always wanted to know how to make animated gifs from scratch, but I've just never had the need to do so.  Until now that is!  I'm so glad I signed up for this course and I'm so thankful for the creative education.  Thanks again, Phil!

Looking back on the last project, I really enjoyed the concept I stumbled upon with creating a pixel snow like effect over the self portrait.  I decided to try and make an animated version for my first GIF!

I created a series from the pixelsnow portrait by further replacing all the 'w' characters with 'x' then another by replacing the 'x's with 'z's then again 'z's to 'y's then 'y's to 'i's, i's to o's, o's to p's, p's to v's, v's to b's (at which point I disabled the match to case option).

I followed Phil's instructions verbatem from the video lesson on youtube and the result is:

Awesome!  this is pretty much exactly what I expected!  

So then I wanted the snow effect to go a bit more smoothly from zero to full and back to zero with a gradual feel instead of a quick jump so I duplicated all ten of my layers and rearranged them so they would accend with the originals and decend with the copies:

This again is exactly what I wanted and expected.  So then I upped the ante and went for the full progression from non-glitched through the layering of further and further glitched out snow.  A glitch avalanche if you will.  And after looking up avalanche to make sure I spelled it properly I was astounded to find another term for it is 'snowslip' because having just learned that glitch comes from the Yiddish 'glitshen' which means 'to slip' and to have the glitching effect so closely resemble snow... well, consider my mind fully blowed.  :o

On this next version, I had about 30 "frames" and I found an easy way to have the gif loop smoothly backwards: do your open as layers with all your layers, then immediately do another open with layers but this time click on the "name" tab to resort the file list in the opposite direction, then choose your exact same files.  This will add them all in the reverse order!  I didn't have to do any rearranging of layers at all!  :D

Also on this new gif, because I had so many frames, I had to reduce the scale to meet tumblr's file size requirement.  :/

Animated gifs are fun!

And to get these to actually work (skillshare wanted to only show the non-animated first frame of each gif) I had to upload my images to imgur.com and then use the 'insert image' feature.  :/

C'est la vie.

Animated gifs still rock.


Lesson 1: Follow the leader

First thing I did was try and immitate what Master Phillip Stearns demonstrated in his lesson 1 video.  This produced the following images:

From the raw screenshot jpg I used TextPad (thanks to Dan's suggestion) to do some subtrative work yeilding:

I went back in and after a little more random tweaking:

The bottom went all yellow!  So I did even more:

Which totally effed it all up real good.  :)

Then I looked at other people's projects and saw how people were using their own images so I found a recent self portrait and decided to have another go.  First I replaced every instance of "13" with "31" similar to what Max did but mine gave little change to the original so I did another replace job of all the "m" characters to "w":

Then I did some substractived gestures to random chunks and was awarded:

However this is when I noticed that my thumbnails were showing up different from what was displayed by my photo viewer.  The thumbnail for this last one was:

and the thumbnail for the previous "pixel snow" photo was this instead:

I find it interesting that my Windows 7 64bit OS can still show these broken jpg files even though I had to go through the save as tiff, save as jpg process in GIMP to "fix" the files.  This fixing process also made the new thumbnails to be accurate representations of the images.

Glitches within glitches... plans within plans. 



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