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Objectify: A Look into the Permanent Collection

I work at Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, MA and we currently have an ongoing exhibit of our permanent collection. A lot of our collection has been unseen by the general public, and to celebrate our 110th anniversary, we have pulled many important, unique, and fun pieces out of storage and placed them on view. The objects will rotate in and out for the next 2 years, which means there is a lot of opportunity to redesign or tweak the branding of the exhibit, depending on what new objects come up from storage. The current design is a little busy (in my opinion) and I would like to simplify it with an attention-grabbing poster. 


I've been tinkering around with some really simple designs, taking into account the kind of typeface that I wanted as well as the placement. I kind of like how these turned out. I think the artwork should speak for what visitors can expect to find in this exhibition. I separated out the syllables in the word 'Objectify' to visually show the breakdown of the word, as a kind of parallel for what we are doing with our collections -- breaking them down and taking them out of their silos (the mummy is next to a skeleton of a turtle, next to a canoe, next to a Norman Rockwell painting and so on).

I am also open to the idea that the posters can become actual collectibles as the exhibition is on an extended run. And it might be just me but I really like the empty white space between the two sections of text. I'm not completely sold on the secondary font... any suggestions?


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