Obey the Mandate to Create

Obey the Mandate to Create - student project

Second drawing, clearly rough. But I added more text and a geometric badge/shield/announcement shape to better convey the commanding tone behind the statement. I really like where this is going. Not set on the letter "D" in the middle and want to experiment more with shapes that could still carry the bar between the two "A"s.

Obey the Mandate to Create - image 1 - student project

First drawing. I wanted to illustrate the word "Create," but have it convey that urgent sense of inspiration, vision, and action. I had the idea of kites coming off the letters from the outset. But when I added clouds and a little person I got fed up with the cheesy direction.

Obey the Mandate to Create - image 2 - student project

Lauren Coleman

Senior Designer at Spigit