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Jay Donohue

Designer + Animator



Obey The Champion

For my project, I will be designing a tee for my favorite brand, Obey. Since Andre The Giant is clearly the face that has been wheatpasted across countless buildings and billboards across the country -- I thought it would only be right to feature Andre in my design. The first concept that popped into my head was to take it back to the days when I watched WWF wrestling with my Dad. Andre The Giant was one of the funnest guys to watch, he was literally a GIANT! Even though I was young at the time, I still remember seeing Andre face the likes of Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna and others in the ring. 

Typically, Obey shows Andre from the neck up (usually just his face). Sometimes he is designed in a grungey, punk-inspired, xerox-type look as seen in my project cover photo; but more often in the simple, clean, vector look that Shepard Fairey known for. I thought it would be fun to show Andre from head to toe, holding the championship belt high -- something reminiscent of the toy wrester figurines from my childhood. I will be posting some early sketches below. 

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