Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

I am a beginner at DSLR photography, having purchased my Canon T2i used a year or so ago.  I've read a fair amount but I really feel like this short course was very helpful.  I've tended to use Aperture Priority setting a lot, and switch to Auto when feeling panicky or frustrated that I can't get a shot I like.  This course helped encourage me to get onto Manual and just start experimenting.

Even though they are not hard and fast rules, it was helpful to hear advice like, "i like to be in the 2.8-3.5 range" and "keep your ISO as low as your can" etc.  It's great to have a solid place to start from.

I was excited to start my project but wasn't interested in dropping a lot of money on a tabletop light source (even though it IS cool) so I tried to find some DIY options.  I did find a couple and will be making one, but I got distracted by a different kind of DIY light box and I ended up making that instead. 


I tested it out and liked the results although I am going to have to get some brighter & less yellow light bulbs for my lamps.  (I had to adjust for white balance)


For my shoot for this project, I mainly used natural light, setting up in front of our two large windows on a sunny afternoon.  I did use on of my lamps to help erase some shadows and I made a light reflector out of a white sheet of foamboard that I scored in the middle and folded. 

I decided to use the oatmeal cranberry cookies I made the night before.  I liked her tips about composing the scene so I paired the cookies with a glass of milk and a ramikin of dried cranberries.  I used some old barn boards I had in the basement and a wood cutting board/serving tray.

I used my 50mm lens for these.

I started out with the overhead shot.  Which I did not care for...


4, 1/60, ISO100

Next I work on a few different angles for table-height shots.  These are my two best.  I think I would prefer to bump up the focal length/use a higher f-stop (did I say that right?) so there was just a little less blur in the background.  I'd the milk glass sharper so you can see the image on it and you can't even really tell what the cranberries are. 


4, 1/100, ISO100


3.5, 1/160, ISO 100

Overall, this course got me thinking about a lot of the different components that I'd been ignoring & I'm eager to continue playing & learning!


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