Kim Suarez

Aspiring Designer in Oakland



Oakland Public Library

Milestone 1 – Choose the not-for-profit organization you’d like to create an identity for and explain why. Share 2 to 3 sentences on what organization you’re choosing and why.
I chose the Oakland Public Library to focus this project. I have a love for books that’s been present since I was young and would visit the library with my mom. I would check out tons of different books, and even joined their reading clubs. Books were the only thing my parents would give me unlimited budget for. For this reason, I was to translate this passion of books and the library as a public resource into the branding identity design.

Milestone 2 – Share your research on the organization that you’ll use to define the brand’s identity. Share 1 sentence that encapsulates the organization and images of their current identity system.
Their mission is to “empower all people to explore, connect and grow”They value diversity, equality, community, empowerment among others
The Oakland Public houses over 1.5 million items across 16 branches. It was the 2nd public library created in California. 

Milestone 3 – Sketch a series of design concepts in the form of a potential logo. Share scans or photographs of your sketches and share with the class.

Below are some initial sketches after deciding on a concept. The tree is one of the City of Oakland's logo, so I used that as inspiration to make something more legible that their current logo, which is hard to read when small.


Milestone 4 – Finalize and digitize your final kit-of-parts. Upload screenshots or final images of your logo and kit-of-parts.

This is what I came up with:





I've never worked on a project like this, so feedback would be much appreciated!


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