Oak Park Blossoms

This collection of patterns was inspired by the charming town I live in. A stroll down the streets of Oak Park can feel a bit surreal and, for a moment, you may feel like you have stepped into a different era. Bright wildflowers are seen in front of homes and buildings and lining gravel paths and brick roads. Towering grandfather-old trees incite a feeling of being a small child again. Beyond the rich diverse foliage is a sea of historical architecture from the 19th and 20th century. Sometimes, the buildings blend in with the greenery as many are covered with lush leafy vines.

I was inspired to create a collection of patterns that embodies the antiquity of Oak Park as well as the beautiful bright wildflowers seen throughout the town. I felt inspired to make an intertwining flower pattern after watching the first class taught by Elizabeth and from there I created the secondary and blender patterns. Much of my inspiration came from simply walking around my town, but I also looked at vintage wallpaper and I bought an old book with wildflower illustrations from a thrift store down the street. Many people have told me these patterns remind them of wallpaper that was in their grandmother’s or mother’s home. This was the look I was going for, so their feedback was well received! I hope you all like them, too :) Thank you, Elizabeth for an awesome class! I learned so much! 

Here is my moodboard...


...some sketches


And the final prints!



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