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The name ONETRUESOUL means being true to youself. Like the great Bruce Lee once said, in order to be successful, you have to be truly express yourself.

Our currently slogan is " Decontruct and Embrace".Take apart all the influences by the main stream culture and truly embrace who you are.  Misfits are the beginings of new cultures. Don't be afriad to break new grounds.

Decontruct your soul and embrace who you are.

 The beginnings of ONETRUESOUL started a few years ago in the summer of 2008 and it stemmed from designing tee shirts for leisure. The hobby slowly grew.

I saw potential which sparked a suggestion to expand. However, expansion was difficult; $$$ and manpower were needed to uphold the vision of ONETRUESOUL.

Partnership was established in January of 2009 between friends and I. This was an important step because it helped lay the foundation to foresee a successful business. Later that year Connections and Networking was laid out to establish our business partners to produce our product, which prompt immediate attention to launch

In 2010 marked an important year for ONETRUESOUL, for which it created the birth of our first spring line. Although ONETRUESOUL is still a part time side project, I truly believe it can be my bread and butter one day. We are grateful to our supporters and fans for allowing us to what we love, which is to design clothing that truely express ourself. We are very excited to do what we do so please kick back, relax and stay along with the ride, because there will be much more to come in the upcoming years.


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Deconstruct and Embrace


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