I took this photo last summer, through the window. I love the reflections, "to-go" in the window and cars speeding by with the two diners alone. In every major city people are together, yet alone, just as in life.

** I watched the material for this class and thought about street photography differently. I need to engage with the people to capture them in a way that is natural but connected. **

This is Clive, he's from Jamaica and he's worked here for 18 years. He recently went home to visit his family and passionately compelled me to visit Jamaica. When I asked him why he's worked here at the Intercontinental Hotel so long, he said "When something is good, why change?" Indeed, Clive. I thought about that and I'm thankful for the lesson of the day. 

I told him that I would bring by a photo when they are completed. He said "Great, and keep on taking photos." I snapped another portrait of him.

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