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  I am not really good at writing sooo... Here are my faces (I hope I did it right). This was really fun to do. I have never been good with simplifying things so this is good practice! I used one of my main characters (The first one on the top left) to try and get a feel for this. It's very hard to think outside the box. I had to make a character with a big chin though. I call him... "Butt Chin". He likes cupcakes. Enjoy his chin-ness.

Yaaaaaay! I did it! I don't know what else to put, but here are the bodies of the boy and girl! These are my original characters I am practicing with ^^The girl has on warm clothes since she is a spellcaster, and when she casts spells, it makes her cold because of the energy she uses and the spirits are drawn to the spells. And the guy is a rich snob, but his family is great with technology and making new inventions. I hope all of that made sense. I am currently sick right now and can't think straight ^^;;


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