OMG I did it!

OMG I did it! - student project

I just have a terrible time drawing people. I don't get the face [but I've been practicing #funwithfaces] or the proportions, and definitely not action! 

I can't even believe I took this class, but OMG, I did it!

Now, don't get me wrong. It's NOT good. I've got a looooooonnnnnngggg way to go, but it's really the best walking person I've ever drawn!!

So, Ira, thank you for sharing your process and strategies for getting the body in motion-- in proportion-- in "articulation." Love those 14 points and setting up the spine/shoulders/hips.  It just clicks.

I know-- I still don't have it right, but I'm pretty darn happy with my little person walking her ballot to the ballot box, drawn as I watched the convention.

Thank you!

OMG I did it! - image 1 - student project

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