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OMD - Metroland


OMD: an 80's synthpop band regrouped three years ago. Their new album "English Electirc" returns to their synthpop root. I love the juxtapostion of retro 80's sound and futuristic eletronic style.  

Metrodland is the first single from OMD's that new album. I love the song immediately. But I do not like the cover of that single. It's basically a variation of their album cover. 

Album cover:

Metroland single cover:

I've always want to do a poster/single cover for Metroland. And I got this inspiration after I watched their music video:


During a interview, OMD explain the song is about people are commuting from suburb to metropolitan area daily. That's exactly what the music video's all about. I want to extend this concept and design a single cover for front and back and the single. 

The concept will be a train driving through suburban farmland to the metropolican skyscraper. The back of the CD will be suburban side, the front will be the metro side. On the suburb side, it will be retro/warm. On the metro side, it will be futuristic/cold side. The overall style will be geometric shape based to match up their album cover style. 

---------------- 5/8 update --------------------

Mood Board:

Color Pallets:


---------------- 512 update --------------------

Black and White version:


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