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OM Rails

when I started this I spent more time looking at the top projects than I did reading the instructions. as a result I saw a bunch of preposed sites that had nothing to do with this project (ie coffee shop noises) and didn't really understand that we where supposed to document what we where doing when we where doing it (as a side note for future classes maybe explain that for "projects" it's a class and about class projects not whatever else people are doing or planning on doing on the side I've seen several "most viewed" pages that had nothing to do with this class and it was really confusing and took away from the class) That being said, for me every time I've updated I've erased my previous entries and added new ones, I get now that, that wasn't supposed to be how it was done but it's a bit to late so I'll jsut explain what I've done to this point.

First of all, I completed all videos to buiild the OMrails site. Originaly I was going to make a theme of my own but decided that I would rather spend my time learning how to  manipulate and use rails rather than being creative (hence the design)

I got ahead of the tutorials and before the last group of videos got posted (at the time they where just links to help push the project further) so for endless scrolling, I couldn't make it work according to the rails cast video, I ended up using the pau irish version which worked great I also added the animation feature to masonry for a little extra effect when users decide to add images or move around their browser.

I chose not to add amazon images because at the time I didn't want to enter my credit card info, I still may change that

I added omniauth so one can login through twitter, you still have to enter your email, I almost changed that but want to look into it further since I want their email info and am not sure if I can get it through twitter

Changed a bunch of stylings, they aren't great and definitley not the design or ux choices I wold make, but learning wise, helped me to figure out and learn more about bootstrap and sass. Againg, really just playing around with margins and colors but was actually really helpful.

I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of now but anyway great class, this was an enjoyable introduction to rails and I learned a lot. I think the skillshare platform and this class as well needs a bit of work but considering how new it is and the price I'm very happy

My work is below, as of this posting everything is working both locally and on Heroku (I added the twitter sign in most recently though and have had a few issues If you have an issue signing in there please let me know)


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